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Snowmobiling is fun, in fact more fun than You can expect.

Especially, when You rely on our experience, technical equipment and unique conditions.

To enjoy this fun You should contact us first to book suitable time for You.

RENTAL under supervision

Approved by Estonian Jetski & Snowmobile Association

No alcohol or drug influence
Personal ID
Age over 16 (with few exeptions)
Deposit of 200 EUR per vehicle
Enough time to have fun
Temptation for snowmobiling
Strong wish to survive


Like for most of our activities, we provide necessary instructions for safe snowmobiling, regarding Your previous knowledge and abilities.


After theoretical instructions we reccommend our training field for practical experience. You can get used to our vehicles and pick up most suitable model for You. If needed, our instructor will encourage You sitting right behind and assisting in any situation.


After you have passed little training, you can participate in something special:

Short Safari, Family Safari, Corporate Safari, Hell's Valley Safari, Haanja Safari, 10 Lakes Safari, Night Safari, Sport Safari, Speed Safari, Extreme Safari, Survival Safari etc.

Snowmobile Safari is a group adventure with snowmobiles around Safari Park on attractive trails and exotic surroundings with assistance of our professional instructors.

A lunch break during the safari can be arranged, the same with sauna and lodging.Very popular is to build a fire in the forest and have a picnic or small conference in the middle of nowhere. Company Events (incentives) are our speciality.

The excitement will never end, because the selection of a route will be quite demanding, often near the edge of Your abilities.

You will experience something special, You learn something new, You challenge yourself and You manage really good if You follow our rules and reccommendations. If You meet any difficulties, we are there for You to help.

To have some extra adrenalin, just let us know, we are always opened for new and challenging ideas.

Extreme events are our trademark but there is allways space also for family events with small kids.

Don't forget to bring Your camera!



Prices will start from 70 EUR / hour, for one snowmobile for two people, including all technical equipment and assistance, instructor's services, fuel, safety equipement and use of Safari Park fascilities.

We can offer different snowmobiles, add Snowcabs, ATV's, arrange picnics, small competitions, fireworks & other extras, extend or shorten the event etc.
Safaris are never the same, each program is special and has it's unique route and feeling.

Check Incentives

Check webcam

Check weather

Make reservation

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