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Homepage / Winter / Snowcabs


Snowcab is a closed trailer for 5 persons, towed behind a snowmobile.

It is equipped with heating, lighting and sound system.

Inside it is warm and comfortable, big windows allow a beautiful view.

You can also take skis or snowboards with you on a special roofrack. It's possible to cook on the stove or even stay for the night in these snowcabs in extreme circumstances. In fact, it is so cozy that some customers actually fall into a deep sleep. Thats why You should bring Your camera, so everybody can enjoy the whole happening afterwards.

Sometimes it is called Snow -Taxi and it is really a comfortable way to drive around at winter.

It will take you wherever you wish - through forests and frozen swamps, over the fields and lakes, up and down the hills.... pleasure trip to nature, to a picnick fire or forest conference or just moving between hotels.

Some people wish to stay on towing snowmobile, right behind the driver, so overall carrying capacity is 6 adults + 3 children for one carriage.

Our two Snowcabs are unique and only prototypes in Estonia, manufactured in cooperation with finnish partner.

Cab tours for children and families (for example Black Pig Safari)
Transportation services for Company Events (incentives)
Taxi services around Otepää


Snowcab with towing snowmobile and driver 200 EUR / 1 hour

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