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Following will guide you most effectively to successful result.

1. Take some time to study our opportunities.

2. Find out Your wishes and possibilities.

3. Let us know:
What is the best suitable time for You?
How many people are involved?
What are most important activities for Your group?
Your special needs?
Time and finance limits?

4. If You trust our exparience and let us do our best, You will get something special - even more than You can expect.

5. To get the best, make Your reservation in time - You will get better time, You will get more, You will get better possibilities and You can even get some discount.


The best way to contact us is by e-mail.
In specific or urgent cases you can call, but try to do this in late evening.
Why evening? Because we spend most of our daytime in the forests, on the trails, on the ice, under the ice, in the air or underground.

We expect You to join us soon!


Paap Kõlar, president / C.E.O.


+372 50 51015

+372 6393288

"IN TIME" reservations = booking 1 month advance for mid-weeks, for groups & for at least 3 vehicles and 4 hour of services confirmed with 50 % pre-payment.