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Winter location / Conditions


Safari center is located few kilometers from Otepää, right beside Väike-Munamäe ski-center. From the distance you can see our snowmobiles, ATVs, tow-cabs and flagrows. Cars can be parked to the ski-center's parking area or to our customer's lot.

DISTANCES (by road):
From Tallinn: ~ 225 km
From Tartu: ~ 43 km
From Riga: ~ 220 km
From Valka: ~ 60 km
From Helsinki: ~ 310 km


3 months at winter, from 1.january to 31.march, depending on weather conditions.


Otepää is one of the palces in Estonia where you can always find snow during the winter. Why? Because Otepää is situated in upcounty and far from the sea. Once in every season we face a little snow-catastrophy, when the only possible way to get around is by snowmobile. Sometimes even these vehicles aren't enough. The weather you can see from your home window isn't usually the same we have in Otepää. To believe this you better take a look at our webcam, check weather, or call us.


Otepää is the only region in Estonia with official snowmobile trails. In addition we have been developing a special private area for all snowmobilers - Safari Park, with attractive trails about 200 km long for various purposes, from beginners to extreme snowcross needs.

Trails in Safari Park are maintained constantly and snow conditions can last up till Aprill or even longer.

At spring, when snow has gone from everywhere else in Estonia, we have made last snow safaris at +18 degrees C, wearing only a T-shirt. Unbelievable, but true !


It's a nice little town at southern Estonia where you have many different possibilities to spend your vacation. Population isn't big but during the season weekends it's quite owercrowded. Motorways are decent.

In Otepää you can find many different places to eat and there are various possibilities for accomodation in wide price range.

Also you can find good opportunities for conferences and seminars.

More special the service you need, more limited is the resource. Therefore, for facilities with limited acess, it's always better to make reservations in time.

You can find a lot more information about Otepää on following sites: