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Winter incentives
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ATTENTION for executives!

We can organize an exclusive and unforgettable events for various groups up to 80 people.

Our custom events at winter usually involve Snowmobiles and/or Snowcabs and can be arranged from two hour safaries to whole day adventures to nearby lakes, farms, castles and wild forests. Sometimes conditions allow us to use ATV's additionally, even in the middle of winter.

All our technical and human resources can be included, depending on weather conditions and customer specifications. Also it's possible to organize an open air picnics, forest conferences and saunas after safari.

You can rely on our long term experience since 1987. Just give us the number of people in your group, your time and budget limitations and let us do our best to offer you an exclusive vacation.

NOTE: Reservation is needed !!!

Within past years this kind of company events have gained a lot of popularity all over Europe. Company leaders have found a new, fascinating and sporty way to motivate and reward their stuff or customers.

As a result, some companies visit us several times a year, sometimes with their customers and sometimes with their staff or executives.


Custom programs include event preparation, conditions and organization, all technical equipment and assistance, instructor's services, fuel, safety equipement and specific instructions, hot drinks etc.

We'll find suitable activity for every level and every age, previous experience isn't needed. We can train and instruct everybody. Even ladies, who are shy or even afraid to drive any vehicles at first, succeed so good they often refuse to come back from safari voluntarely. So, be ready and watch out for these crazy maniacs !!


Our activities combined with experience in customer care will result in lot of fun and success, which create fresh energy and commitment in participants, so needed for better teamwork and Your company's further success.

This can be called even a new and an adventurous approach to teambuilding.

There will be adventures to remember afterwards and all efforts will certainly pay off.

You better be prepared for the situation when your group is so carried away, that demands more and refuses to turn back from safari. Obviously nobody wants to go home in most exciting situations. So you should always leave some reserve in time schedule and also in finances.


To have fun, you need time!
Plan your holiday! Book in time!


Snowmobile Safari
Gathering, registration, hot chocolate
Instructions for extreme events
Practicing at training field
Safari, guided by experienced instructor
Arrival, hot drinks


Price range for such program depends on amount/models of vehicles and service time.

This is only one most simple of all possible programs. We can offer more snowmobiles, add Snowcabs, ATV's, arrange different attractions, picnics, small competitions, fireworks and other extras, extend or shorten the event etc. Safaris are never the same, each program is special and has it's unique route.

Check webcam

Check weather

Make reservation.